Built by Brad Jones

Salon des Refusés

"The Brighter Side,"

"Always look for the Silver lining"

Inspired by a hotel room with what Jurs recalls as "really bad art on the walls," Salon des Refusés utilizes found objects and demonstrates a sense of nostalgia. although she had been collecting frames and stretched canvases for several years with the intent of possibly using them for making her own paintings, Jurs became interested in what was on their reverse sides and created an installation instead.


Salon des Refusés, the famous nineteenth-century exhibitions of artwork refused from the official academy exhibitions, suggest that while an artist may be rejected from an exhbition, a future opportunity may present itself. Specifically, the front of a work might be unremakable, but the reverse presents so many possibilities. Jurs's installation of rejected paintings, which also harkens back to a song popular during the Great  Depression, is timely as we struggle through another period of economic crisis.