Limited Edition Production

Jurs has a limited production of her sculptural and functional ceramics; from her classic weed pot designs, to her double-thrown bowls, to her branch pots. Each piece is unique, whether it is through its textural detailing or hand painted glazing or copper patina finish. This is a sampling of pieces that are available. Please  contact the studio with inquiries at Studio.

Branch Pots

Out of her Torso series, Jurs developed her ceramic branch pots. Jurs makes standard forms like shirts, pants, and skirts and enriches them. Particularly, through her treatment of the surface she is able to enhance each piece. The Branch Pots are offered in a variety of sizes, styles, and surfacing.

Double Thrown Bowls

"Double-Thrown" is the throwing technique that Jurs developed to produce these unique bowls. Each bowl is thrown twice by hand and given a custom glaze and patina. The bowls are offered in an open rim, as well as a semi-closed rim. Different sizes are available.

Weed Pots

Weed pots were some of Jurs' earliest production pieces. Evolving throughout her career, she has produced array of weed pots. In her latest production, Jurs is offering weed pots of various sizes (6" to 12" tall), and each with its own unique hand glazing and patina.


In this limited series, Jurs offers a novel pairing of design and functionality. Coupling pots with a base, allows the pieces to be displayed in different ways; as a sculpture, a floral center piece, or hanging art. A pot can accompany a sculpture or with a different style branch pot; giving a variety of design options.