Built by Brad Jones


"Now and Forever"

"For Our Daughters"

After the events of 9/11, Jurs, who long was preoccupied with feminist subjects, realized even more clearly that women are not safe in the world, not even from their own husbands. She created Legacy, a series of armor forms, protective shells for women so that they gain the power and strength necessary to go out in the world. she sees this work as a message for our daughters - that we have to be strong and set a good example - that women need to gain strength and go forth in the world with a brave new front. there is a psychological aspect to the works which speak to a physical strength gained from containment and control. It is a heroic view, spiritual, and uplifting.


Armor Series

As our country went to war in recent years, Jurs became more acutely aware of the vulnerability women and girls abroad. Jurs wanted to provide a voice for those and call to protect those who yet have not been empowered.